Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas goodies!

A fantastic Christmas was had by all at our house and I was lucky enough to receive some knitting related presents! 3 gorgeous pairs of knitting needles, some stitch markers, a book and a pattern with wool. Will post pictures soon. Also picked up some yarn at the sales today.

My knitted gifts for others were all completed and well received! I'm thinking about next year's already!

Been thinking lots about resolutions for the New Year (knitting ones of course!) and also my project for 2008 - more about those next time!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas cupcakes

Just an excuse to post a picture of Nigella's Christmas cupcakes I made last week. I thought they looked very appealing. They tasted okay but I have had a cold and can't taste that much!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Lovely goodies!

I received my swap parcel today! Hooray! It was an exchange of 100g of yarn. Vikki (VikingKnits) sent me a gorgeous ball of Rowan spray, some yummy chocolate and some beautiful hand made stitch markers! Just hoping she receives her parcel soon.

If you want to take part in a swap, there will be a 'main' swap in the new year over at the UK Swap blog.

I am still here!

I know, I know! This blogging lark has been proving very difficult for a number of reasons. One being time, another being not having anything interesting to say. I also find it quite difficult knowing that no-one in particular is reading this!

Anyway, I have a project I am thinking of working on in the new year so that should (hopefully) give me something to blog about - well at least once a month anyway! More about the project another time but it does involve knitting and bags!

On another note I have just sent off some yarn for a swap I am taking part in - my very first one. I heard about it through Ravelry but you can find details on the UK swap blog. It was meant as a warm up to the main swap which is taking part sometime in Jan - March 08. I haven't received my swap yet but I am quite excited about. I felt strangely nervous sending mine off! I think because you never know what someone else (especially someone you don't know) will think. Anyway, it's gone now so I hope it is well received.

Off now to sew a lining for a bag which I really need to get in the post tomorrow!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I won a gorgeous Rowan book by entering a crossword competition in Simply Knitting! Very exciting! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) means I will have to buy more wool if I want to knit anything from it. I absolutely love Rowan Big Wool which is why I entered the competition.

Too much knitting!

Help - I have too much knitting to do that I don't have any time for blogging. I'm also spending way too much time on ravelry. So this is what I need to do:

1. Don't go on Ravelry

2. Blog more

3. Have nothing to blog about because I'm not knitting because I'm blogging

Mmmm? !

Think I'll stick to ravelry as it is amazing. Not sure if I mentioned that before? Perhaps the novelty will wear off but to be honest I can't see that happening at the moment. I keep finding more groups to join and more projects to put in my queue.

Anyway, back to knitting. I've completed several scarves for Christmas presents. You can see them all on ravelry if you like. Whoops - I'm not addicted, honest. By the way I'm lollipopknits if you want to find me on aforementioned site.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

So that was October

Well, October came and went and I think spent most of it messing about on Ravelry. I have become ever so slightly addicted - but it is brilliant. Mostly it has just made me add to my list of things I want to knit but it has also forced me to organise my stash (which was getting a little out of control).

Despite my Ravelry addiction I have managed to do some knitting. I made another pair of Sublime Mary Janes for a colleague who has just had a baby girl. I didn't take a photo of them before I sent them though. I've started 2 scarves, nearly finished a cardigan for my boy and am part-way through a jumper for my girl (see below).

I'm knitting it in Wendy Chameleon Chunky using a pattern from Knitting magazine.

I've also done a bit of reading (and I do just mean a bit) but will post about that later.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I'm on Ravelry!

Well, I finally got invited to join ravelry! After putting my name down on the waiting list back in August, I had kind of forgotten all about it. Anyway, I have spent the morning fiddling around on there. Will spend a bit more time properly later when the kids have gone to bed. Looking forward to sorting out my stash as I fear it has been getting out of control and I have no idea what I have been hoarding over the past year.

Other news is that I've finished two more projects. F.O. no. 3 is the felted kitchen set I made from Simply Knitting Issue 20. I've never done any felting before so was very nervous when opening the washing machine but I'm really pleased with the results. Will post a picture when someone brings the camera home!

F.O. no. 4 is a bonnet and pair of Mary Janes from a Sublime pattern. Again, will post pics when I get the camera.

The oven glove, pot holder and pot stand I felted using Rowan Big Wool.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

How cool is this?

P1010198 m Pewter Letter y

Just stumbled upon this tonight. I had great fun playing around with it. You can change each letter by clicking on it until you find one you like. Could get very carried away!

"A" is for Ava M Y

Click here to make your own.

Monday, 17 September 2007

I HAVE to knit this!

I came across a pattern for a bag I just really, really have to knit.


But I have so many other things on my list. Oh well, one more won't hurt. I found it on knitty earlier today and it looks amazing. Can't wait to get started.

A few months back I was ONLY going to knit bags. Then I deviated but I can feel myself going back to bags again. The only thing that annoys me about bags is the lining part. I'm not too hot at sewing but knitted bags really do need lining. The more I make, the better I'll get I suppose - that's a good excuse to knit more bags anyway.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Finished Object No. 2

Wow - another item finished! I usually have so many projects on the go that I rarely finish things. The feeling of completion is very satisfying - especially when the item in question is for a present as this one is. It's a purple lacy scarf I knitted in Sirdar blur. It's actually the third one I've done. The first one I did for my Mum at Christmas in a blue/green shade. The second was a light brown/fawn colour for my friend's birthday and this one is for another friend's birthday. Her favourite colour is purple so she will hopefully like it. I definitely found this one the easiest to do. I found the yarn quite fiddly on my first attempt and kept dropping stitches but this time I felt like a pro (well almost!)

Monday, 10 September 2007

Knitting and not knitting

The knitting bit:

I did finish my bag in time for the wedding. Quite pleased with the result although it was a bit rushed and I'm not the best with a sewing machine.

The not knitting bit:

It was my friend's birthday last week and I quite liked what I managed to do with a child's shoe box and some wrapping paper!

I think she enjoyed what was inside!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Wedding bag

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and have yet to finish my bag. I knitted it a couple of months ago but have left the lining and sewing up a bit late. Have borrowed my Mum's sewing machine and now just have to figure out how to use it.

This is the lining I bought. My dress is black, white and grey and flowery so it should match quite nicely.

Finished result will hopefully be posted before Saturday!

Saturday, 25 August 2007


I only discovered knitting blogs quite recently and the first one I read was Little Cotton Rabbits which is absolutely amazing. It has inspired to me to start a blog myself and to take my knitting more seriously. There are, of course, tons of other quite brilliant and crafty blogs out there and I'm discovering new ones every day. If my knitting was only half as good as some of the stuff I've seen I would be totally happy. Oh well, I'll keep dreaming for now and maybe one day when I have more time on my hands I'll be able to compete with some of these very talented people!

My knitting

Thought I should give a bit of background about my knitting. I learnt to knit when I was very small (about 6 or 7?). My Mum and Nan taught me. One of the first things I remember knitting was a scarf and matching leg warmers for a teddy! I also made a blue pencil case at school. I stopped knitting in my teens and then picked up the needles again in my twenties. In the last five years or so I have knitted more regularly and in the last year I have become a 'serious' knitter!

I mostly knit toys and novelty items but more recently have become more interested in bags, cushions and accessories. I supply a shop in Leicester with knitted food and cakes on a casual basis and have really enjoyed this.

I currently have a million projects on the go - well, it feels like it sometimes! I am really bad at finishing something before moving on to the next thing. I have a list of things to knit for Christmas presents but really don't know if I'll have the time to do them all. Also have a bag to finish for a wedding I'm going to next week - just need to line it and sew it up so hopefully I'll be able to get that done.

Keep trying to upload photos but not doing very well :(

Aha - managed it at last. This is the front and back of a cushion I knitted for a friend. I used Rowan big wool and biggy print and was really happy with the way it turned out.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Hi and welcome to my blog. It might take me a while to get going as I'm new to all this! Very excited though as I've been reading some amazing blogs which have inspired me to get one myself.

My blog will be mainly about knitting as I'm absolutely obsessed with it! Other interests are reading and children as I have two gorgeous ones myself.