Wednesday, 19 September 2007

How cool is this?

P1010198 m Pewter Letter y

Just stumbled upon this tonight. I had great fun playing around with it. You can change each letter by clicking on it until you find one you like. Could get very carried away!

"A" is for Ava M Y

Click here to make your own.

Monday, 17 September 2007

I HAVE to knit this!

I came across a pattern for a bag I just really, really have to knit.


But I have so many other things on my list. Oh well, one more won't hurt. I found it on knitty earlier today and it looks amazing. Can't wait to get started.

A few months back I was ONLY going to knit bags. Then I deviated but I can feel myself going back to bags again. The only thing that annoys me about bags is the lining part. I'm not too hot at sewing but knitted bags really do need lining. The more I make, the better I'll get I suppose - that's a good excuse to knit more bags anyway.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Finished Object No. 2

Wow - another item finished! I usually have so many projects on the go that I rarely finish things. The feeling of completion is very satisfying - especially when the item in question is for a present as this one is. It's a purple lacy scarf I knitted in Sirdar blur. It's actually the third one I've done. The first one I did for my Mum at Christmas in a blue/green shade. The second was a light brown/fawn colour for my friend's birthday and this one is for another friend's birthday. Her favourite colour is purple so she will hopefully like it. I definitely found this one the easiest to do. I found the yarn quite fiddly on my first attempt and kept dropping stitches but this time I felt like a pro (well almost!)

Monday, 10 September 2007

Knitting and not knitting

The knitting bit:

I did finish my bag in time for the wedding. Quite pleased with the result although it was a bit rushed and I'm not the best with a sewing machine.

The not knitting bit:

It was my friend's birthday last week and I quite liked what I managed to do with a child's shoe box and some wrapping paper!

I think she enjoyed what was inside!