Wednesday, 23 January 2008

More bag pics

Here are the pictures of my January bag for the Knit a bag a month project. I used 8mm needles and 1 ball of Rowan Spray and I made up the pattern as I went along. Don't want to repeat myself so see yesterday's post for more details!

Monday, 21 January 2008

January bag(s)

Having thought for ages about what bag to knit for January for the Knit a Bag a Month project, I have finally started one (well two actually).

I absolutely could not resist 'Audrey' from issue 3 of Let's Knit. It's a cute little cable and moss stitch bag - perfect for my first attempt with cabling. I was really pleased with how the cables came out and they were really easy too. I just need to add a handle and find some sort of felted beads as suggested in the pattern.

The other bag I have started is one I have made up myself. I would say it's one of my own designs but to be honest I just picked up the needles and started knitting - there was very little designing actually going on. I used the Rowan Spray I received from my swap partner in December. Just need to sort handle/fastenings. Will post pics soon.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

First FO of 2008

My second FO was finished about a week ago and the recipient was very pleased. In fact he was forced to admit he was impressed (which is a lot better than what he said about the chunky scarf I knitted him last year which ended up going to charity)! Anyway, here it is:

Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Sublime Extra fine merino silk
Size made: Large

The other man in my life wore his classic jacket I made him yesterday. Keeping him to keep still was something of an impossibility though. This was in fact my first FO of 2008 (I finished it on January 1st after starting it several months ago). I made tons of mistakes but am quite pleased with how it looks. I'm the only who knows about all the bits that went wrong!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Reasons to love January #1

I've always loved January and can never understand why people say it's such a miserable month. The feeling of entering a new year is an exciting one and then there are the ever so well meant resolutions many of us make. I generally find myself in a positive frame of mind, full of hopes for the new year and promises that I WILL KEEP!

It's also my birthday which helps.

It was my birthday on Friday and despite having to go to work, I had a good day. I had some lovely presents and we also took a trip to the cinema - something of a rarity since we had children. We saw Charlie Wilson's War. I enjoyed it but wouldn't say it was the best film I've ever seen. Philip Seymour Hoffman was excellent - as ever.

Birthday Treats:

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Knit a bag a month update

I have found some recruits for the project which is great. It's always nice to have support. I have a very kind person designing me a badge so I can set up a new group on Ravelry. If you're interested it's going to be called Knit a bag a month (funnily enough!)

As far as knitting any bags goes, I haven't got very far with that! I have thought about lots of things though. Bags I intend to make are:
1. Clementine by Emma King (have had my eye on this for ages and have plenty of kid classic to use for it). It's the one on the cover of the book.
2. Percy by Cheryl Niamath (see earlier post).
3. Finish my pink and red bag in Rowan cotton rope.
4. Felted bag from Debbie Bliss soho which I bought in the sale in John Lewis.

Lots of other ideas floating around in my head but feel I really need to sit down and start knitting instead of thinking up new ideas.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Reading (I have done some)

I had On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan for Christmas and finished it on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and thought it was very well written. The author showed great understanding of how both sexes think and he also brilliantly illustrated social attitudes of the early 1960's. The story was poignant yet funny at times and the ending was not at all as I expected. It was quite a shock and not how I thought many people would have behaved then.

Well, that's my attempt at a review anyway! Reading has unfortunately taken a back seat due to my knitting addiction. I must learn to combine the two one day.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Present pics

Just realised I haven't posted the pics of my Christmas presents.

Am very pleased to be the owner of luxury knitting needles rather than old crooked metal ones! As you can see one pair were already in use when I took the photo. They were beautiful to use - really light. The book is fantastic too. Some great patterns and one or two I may use for my knit a bag a month project.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy 2008

Happy New Year! A little late I know but there we go.

Anyway, my knitting project for 2008? Well, I've decided to knit a bag a month. Basically it's an excuse to have something to knit each month and another excuse to make more bags. There are going to be a few rules (just a few, I promise otherwise it'll never get completed).

1. At least one bag must be completed in each calendar month.
2. At least one bag must be felted.
3. At least one bag must incorporate beads (my newly acquired skill).
4. At least one bag must be of your own design.
5. At least one bag must be cabled.

That's it.

If anyone would like to join the project, contact me or just knit a bag a month for fun! I will be posting on Ravelry about this and might even set up a separate blog dedicated to the project. I'm off to get knitting before January is over!