Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Knit a bag a month update

I have found some recruits for the project which is great. It's always nice to have support. I have a very kind person designing me a badge so I can set up a new group on Ravelry. If you're interested it's going to be called Knit a bag a month (funnily enough!)

As far as knitting any bags goes, I haven't got very far with that! I have thought about lots of things though. Bags I intend to make are:
1. Clementine by Emma King (have had my eye on this for ages and have plenty of kid classic to use for it). It's the one on the cover of the book.
2. Percy by Cheryl Niamath (see earlier post).
3. Finish my pink and red bag in Rowan cotton rope.
4. Felted bag from Debbie Bliss soho which I bought in the sale in John Lewis.

Lots of other ideas floating around in my head but feel I really need to sit down and start knitting instead of thinking up new ideas.

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