Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Too much knitting!

Help - I have too much knitting to do that I don't have any time for blogging. I'm also spending way too much time on ravelry. So this is what I need to do:

1. Don't go on Ravelry

2. Blog more

3. Have nothing to blog about because I'm not knitting because I'm blogging

Mmmm? !

Think I'll stick to ravelry as it is amazing. Not sure if I mentioned that before? Perhaps the novelty will wear off but to be honest I can't see that happening at the moment. I keep finding more groups to join and more projects to put in my queue.

Anyway, back to knitting. I've completed several scarves for Christmas presents. You can see them all on ravelry if you like. Whoops - I'm not addicted, honest. By the way I'm lollipopknits if you want to find me on aforementioned site.

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