Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I am still here!

I know, I know! This blogging lark has been proving very difficult for a number of reasons. One being time, another being not having anything interesting to say. I also find it quite difficult knowing that no-one in particular is reading this!

Anyway, I have a project I am thinking of working on in the new year so that should (hopefully) give me something to blog about - well at least once a month anyway! More about the project another time but it does involve knitting and bags!

On another note I have just sent off some yarn for a swap I am taking part in - my very first one. I heard about it through Ravelry but you can find details on the UK swap blog. It was meant as a warm up to the main swap which is taking part sometime in Jan - March 08. I haven't received my swap yet but I am quite excited about. I felt strangely nervous sending mine off! I think because you never know what someone else (especially someone you don't know) will think. Anyway, it's gone now so I hope it is well received.

Off now to sew a lining for a bag which I really need to get in the post tomorrow!

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