Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Back so soon!

I'm making the most of an evening to myself even though I really should get to bed early. I usually find that blogging seems like a waste of an evening's knitting but tonight I am at a bit of a loose end with the knitting. I have started way too many things and can't seem to finish any of them off. Spending time on the computer is a way of ensuring I don't go and start another project off on a complete whim.

I have started a new blog which I am calling my gallery. It's just a bit of a trial and at the moment seems to be just repeating information I have put on Ravelry. I think the logical, ordered side of me feels the need to display my knitted projects in some sort of sensible way. It is counteracting the chaotic side of my knitting which is a million items on the needles, a million more ideas in my head and a knitting basket that is getting stupidly out of control! It is good to see that I have completed 20 projects this year though. I have a bit of backtracking to do but I'll try and keep it up to date (I will try).

For some unknown reason I am having a knitted toy craving this month. I used to knit toys all the time - in fact I only knitted toys. It is only very recently that I got into knitting other stuff at all. Anyway, I have been digging my Jean Greenhowe books out again and browsing through them. I was bought Little Dumpling Dolls (the village men) for Christmas but haven't knitted any of them yet. I have just learnt on Ravelry that this pattern is out of print and pretty difficult to come by so I really fancy knitting one of these cute little men. I also treated myself to Part 1 (the village ladies) yesterday. I want to knit them all but I'm not sure who to start with. I'm also not entirely sure what I would do with them once they were finished.

Well, that's it for today (and maybe for the rest of the month, who knows?!). Let's hope that's it for rain this month too but I doubt it very much.

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