Tuesday, 2 September 2008

One year on...

I cannot believe I have had this blog for a year! I cannot believe I missed my blogiversary! Definition in Urban Dictionary here. It was on 19th August and I had no idea I started my blog so long ago. I had a vague memory that I started this blog towards the end of last Summer but it really doesn't feel like a year.

I always imagined I would have a big celebration with giveaways, competitions, freebies etc. but I don't think I have blogged enough for all that hype! I still feel quite pleased with myself for keeping going though, so I think I will type up a couple of patterns as freebies. It is always nice to discover a free pattern through someone's blog and I would feel amazed if even just one person used one of my patterns. I'll start with a tea cosy I designed for a friend's birthday last week. I would also like to type up the pattern for a bag I made in July but I'm not sure if I wrote it down anywhere.

Anyway, a belated happy blogiversary to myself and anyone else out there!

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