Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Ok, so I lied...

... but I am back in less than 2 months! A week to be precise. I just find it very difficult to find the time to blog. Any precious time I have for myself I prefer to spend knitting to be totally honest. I WANT to blog but the reality of it is a little different. My head is full of so many ideas for my knitting which I would love to share. I don't get around to ever starting most of them. Some people say they have a problem with starting projects and not finishing them (I have that problem too) but I also have the problem of thinking up a million projects and never getting them underway at all.

I have been constantly knitting though. I am in the middle of a blanket for my children's first baby cousin which is due to arrive next month. I thought I should start early to give me a bit of a chance to finish it on time.

I've also completed a pair of baby socks for a colleague at work who is expecting a little boy soon. They were actually my first ever socks I've knitted.

My next post will be catching up on the knit a bag a month project! I really need to sort out where I am!

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