Monday, 7 April 2008

More on my recycled bag

I have been wanting to knit something with recycled materials for quite a while. I saw a feature in Simply Knitting last year about knitting with plastic bags and tape from old videos but haven't got around to it yet. I also have a pile of old t-shirts waiting to be cut up and knitted into bags inspired by the wonderful bags like this one created by Sharon from Laughing Purple Goldfish designs.

I have got around to buying some recycled sari silk though. I got it from Angel Yarns and was initially surprised that it had so much black in it. However, I really like the way it has knitted up even though it has been tough on the fingers!

The pattern I am using is Unbiased from Knitty. I was going to give the bag as a present but I'm now thinking I may keep it myself - I'll wait and see what the finished bag looks like!

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